My Priorities

To be a people’s champion

To be a strong voice for the residents and businesses I represent and be answerable for the decisions I take. To deliver action and not just words. To stand up for the rights of my residents, to advocate for their needs and to listen to what they need.

Develop strong local policy

To listen to the community, scrutinize policy and promote ideas and policies that benefit the whole community. To engage and support the community, work with stakeholders, special interest groups and societies to build a better community for all.

Drive investment

To encourage and promote inward investment into Worthing and be a champion for the town centre. To kick start regeneration with public realm improvements, attract business and support good quality start-ups through incubation units and grants.

To balance housing need with the environment

When looking at housing policy, to balance the needs of a growing population with the environmental needs and the rich historical significance found in areas of Sussex. To promote a mix of housing in mixed communities to avoid ghettoisation and develop aspirational communities.

To save money

To promote a drive towards efficiency savings within the public sector rather than increasing the tax burden on residents and businesses. To support efficiencies and bring private sector experience to the public sector. To treat tax income as we would our own money and achieve value for money for residents whilst maintaining services. To avoid over-borrowing and passing debt to the next generation.

To support democracy

To promote increased involvement in the political process by encouraging people to join the Conservative party and take an active part in developing policy. To honour fair democratic decisions and support future progress and the direction of travel.

To achieve a majority Conservative government

To campaign for and work towards delivering a Conservative government that delivers a strong local community focus, a solid and respected economic policy and to get a good deal from Europe for our businesses.

To promote children’s interests

To highlight children’s safeguarding concerns and be an active and responsible corporate parent for children in care in West Sussex. To support education in West Sussex and promote fair funding for all school children.