What is it?

A scheme to provide free and accessible bike hire to residents and tourists in Worthing

How does it work?

Regular users can either register online to receive a key or you can register a credit or debit card at the station in order to hire a bike. A bike is then released automatically from the docking station and they can use it free for up to 30 minutes before returning it to any docking station with an available space.

If you want to use the bike for longer then there is a charging tarriff for up to a maximum of 24 hours hire

Michael Cloake trying out a Boris Bike in London

Michael Cloake trying out a Boris Bike

Michael Cloake trying out a Boris Bike

How much will it cost the tax payer to make it happen?

The successful scheme in London is sponsored by Barclays Bank. A scheme in Worthing would look for a sponsor to meet the cost of setting up the scheme

What if the bikes are involved in an accident, or lost, damaged or stolen?

Users are fully insured during the hire period

Hire bikes are designed to be used for short journeys only, so in the event of a bike being lost, stolen or damaged, then users will pay a set charge

What would a bicycle hire station look like?

An automatic bike hire docking station

An image of how Worthing’s bike hire scheme could look

Proposed locations of bicycle hire stations

View Worthing Bike Hire in a larger map

How can I tell you what I think?

Please use the form below to send me your views about the proposed scheme

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